The History of Gojuryu as written by Yamaguchi Sensei

Yamaguchi was the legendary and colourful early 20th century karate master who founded Japanese Goju Ryu – one of Japan’s largest and most successful karate organizations. Among the many famous martial artists who were influenced by his teachings was Mas Oyama, who went on to form his own organization, Kyokyushin karate. Such organizations as Seido Juku karate, founded by Tadashi Nakamura, one of Oyama’s top students, still practice many Goju Ryu kata.


The 10 annotations of Itosu

The 10 Annotations of Itosu  


Secrets of Gojuryu

Five Secrets of Gojuryu By Gogen Yamaguchi PDF Print E-mail

  • Move quickly.
  • Sound, calm mind.
  • Be light in body.
  • Have a clever mind.
  • Master the basics.

Dojo Kun

The dojo kun outline the behaviours and attitudes expected in the dojo and have been passed down, in various forms, from Okinawan teachers to the present. The dojo kun generally accredited to Gichin Funakoshi are set out below as a simple set of rules which might help guide students of Ho Shin Do Karate:


Basic terms and language

Atemi Waza (striking)


Akira Shiomi Sensei on Seisan kata

Point 1 Circles are drawn nearby
Many combinations are contained in Seisan. Each of techniques has a deep background. By studying Bunkai, you have to deepen an understanding. Don’t stretch an arm completely
in Tsuki. If the bone of an elbow becomes downward, Power of latissimus dorsi muscle can be used.
Point 2 The body is not incline in Keri
All the orbits of Shotei-Ate should follow the same orbit. Since this technique used in close distance, don’t stretch arms.


7 virtues of Bushido


5 precepts of Goju


  • Zen Nihon Karatedo Gojukai shuyo kun gokka jyo. Ware ra Karatedo wo osa mura mono wa.
  • Hitotsu- Goju no michi o monabu wo motte hokori to subeshi.
  • Hitotsu- Reigi wo tadashi ku subeshi.
  • Hitotsu- Shitsu jitsu goken wo muneto subeshi.
  • Hitotsu- Danketsu gojo no seishin wo yashi nao beshi.
  • Hitotsu- Nihon korai no dento taru shobu no kifu wo sonchiyo subeshi.